Beached as, bro. (Week 4 homework)

Part 1: Do some research on sustainable packaging and give an overview of your understanding of this area. Sustainable packaging, as the name might suggest emphasises environmentally friendly methods of housing and containing products. This can be something as simple as creating a package that isn’t thrown away after it is used, packaging that can […]

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MORE MILK! (Week 3 homework)

Part 1:Research how milk was packaged over time and write a brief overview showing your understanding. Originally milk wasn’t able to be preserved, so the first packaging of milk was designed in order to be quickly and widely distributed. The reason it went off so quickly was in part due to milk’s material nature, but […]

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What’s in a box? (Homework 1)

Part 1: Do some research on packaging design and give a brief overview of your understanding of packaging and it’s applications (approx. two – three paragraphs of text). Without sounding too pretentious, packaging provides an experience for the consumer. Much like a movie poster or the cover of a book, it is designed to inform […]

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A minor misunderstanding

Some people want to get plumbing done. Others just want to dance. A small piece I worked on, based on a sketch I did with an emphasis on expression and wild line work. This sort of stuff has always intrigued me and is still something I continue to learn about in my attempts to grow […]

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No I in “Team”

Working within a team is always an interesting task. You either get the benefit of needing to do less work if everyone contributes, or needing to take over the entire operation. This week we started work on a group assignment where we engaged in a group workshop. The task centred around the development of a […]

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WEEK 6: Do it for exposure.

The world of Graphic design has become a lot more complicated than it used to be. Initially, people weren’t as concerned about where their products came from or how they were made as they were with the final output, however that has changed. Nowadays, it’s important for people to know exactly what goes into the […]

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